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cyber security keynote speaker Paul Newton

Paul Newton
Keynote Speaker

The UK's most engaging Cyber Security keynote speaker, performing keynote talks around the world to help keep people safe from cyber crime and scammers

Keynote Speaking: Education & Entertainment

The world of public speaking and the world of cyber security have something in common. 

It's the people that make the difference.

In the world of cyber security, the people are always the weakest link. That's whether its unsuspecting staff or over confidence in security systems. 

In the world of public speaking, keeping the audience engaged and entertained is just as important as the message that you are delivering.

UK's Best Keynote Cyber Security Speaker on Stage

"Paul gave a great show at our Global Anti Scam Summit in Brussels. Apart from being a great show-man he also got our message across that anybody can get scammed and more needs to be done to protect consumers worldwide from scams. I can strongly recommend Paul to any fraur and cybersecurity event."

Managing Director, Global Anti-Scam Alliance,

Paul Newton, Speaker

Magician turned cyber security speaker

Being one of the best known cyber security speakers in the country, and possibly Europe, seems unlikely for a man who's main job was a magician. But magic is all about a mindset of trickery and deception, which is why, for many years, Paul Newton was doing work that included penetration testing, using his skills in manipulation and social engineering. 

Now, with his skills in stealing passwords, PINs and other personal information, he wows, entertains and motivates audiences to take note of the importance of cyber security, all with the aim of keeping people safe. 

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Paul Newton Speaker for Cyber Security Keynote Talks

Pricing and Services

The way that Paul has always priced projects is on the basis that he wants to keep as many people safe as possible. Corporates and events get appropriate rates so that Paul can work with charities and small organisations for a lower price. 

Typically, speaking sessions are in the region of £3000 to £10,000 depending on the offering and what is required. We understand that budgets are an important factor with planning an event, so we can work with you on a deal based on the offering and your budgets.


Keynote Speaker

Whether it is for a short 20 minute session, a typical hour slot or a longer performance, Paul will keep your audience engaged, entertained and educated.


As an entertainer, Paul will host your event, as he will be there on the day in any case, why not use a trained experience host?

Panel Discussion

As the host of a successful podcast, Paul is experienced in interviewing, and can provide individual interviews or host panel discussions.


Want to give something to your guests to remember the talk/event? Paul can provide special rates for books, either in smaller numbers as prizes or in larger numbers for your guests.

Event Consultancy

With 30 years in entertainment, as well as working at events, exhibitions and even running my own events, Paul knows what it takes to make an event successful, from on stage to AV. Book time with him and his team as a consultant to maximise engagement with your event and ensure its success.

Marketing Content

Require marketing assets? As standard, Paul has a full set of marketing assets for you to use, but if you require bespoke content such as videos and marketing campaigns, myself and the team can work on this to help engagement. 

Business Podcast

Need help promoting your event? As the presenter of the podcast Newton's Nuggets, runner up for a British Podcast Award, Paul has a large audience of business owners that we can promote the event to, if that is your target.

Public Speaking Services



Event Keynote Speaking

From the UK to globally, Paul is one of the best corporate keynote speakers. Offering both keynote speaking, panel hosting and a wide range of other services, your event, exhibition or expo will benefit from an experience and entertaining keynote.


Corporate Speaking

Whether it is for an internal company event, or for the benefit of training, getting Paul as a speaker will show your staff you care whilst providing both education and entertainment. With a wealth of understanding of business and psychometrics, Paul will get across the message to suit your event.


After Dinner Speaking

As an entertainer, bringing both magic and keynote speaking together for after dinner speaking will help to liven up your event and make it a night to remember. 

Being able to hold an audience, even after they have had a few drinks, Paul will wow and entertain them!

Paul Newton Keynote Speaker

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