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Paul Newton Cyber Security Speaker is looking at you

The UK's Most Engaging Cyber Security Keynote Speaker



Paul Newton is a renowned keynote speaker who has helped many organizations reshape their workplace culture with regard to cyber security.

In an industry full of techy talks, Paul has become infamous for his entertainment and engaging keynote sessions, making people actually motivated to do something about their security. 

Paul Newton public speaking in Hampshire UK

"You are one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen. Add in that you know what you are talking about? You are outstanding!"

Former US Most Wanted Cyber Criminal turned Good Guy, Brett Johnson


Keep yourself, your family, your friends, your staff and colleagues all safe from thieves, criminals, cybercrime, hackers, phishing emails and so much more.

After reading the MentalTheft book you will have real action points to help you stay safe, so that you can live with the feeling that we want you to feel:

Strong. Confident. Wary.

MentalTheft book keeping people safe from cyber crime

Newton's Nuggets

A fun and engaging business podcast

Aimed at small and micro businesses, Newton's Nuggets is an entertaining podcast full of interviews with interesting people from across business, providing useful insights and actionable advice.

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Part of the reason Paul is such a fantastic speaker is that he is from the world of entertainment, with 40 years of magic (he started very young) and 30 years in the entertainment industry.

He still has limited availability as a magician for weddings and events, as he is much sought after as one of the best magicians in the UK.

Paul Newton Magician UK