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The UK's Top Wedding Magician


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Why a Wedding Magician?

Why would you book a magician for a wedding? Well, put simply, weddings are long days, including for guests. Typically they have an element of stress - timings, abnormal meal times, high standards of clothing, forced social interactions, etc. They also have parts of the day where the guests are left to their own devices. You will likely spending time having portrait photos taken, but they will have the bar and their own conversation. 

Very often, magicians are there to go from table to table, or between groups of guests to keep them entertained in those quiet bits of the day. 

Why am I so special?

Before you think I am a complete diva, this was said with tongue in cheek! But there is a reality here - I am not like other magicians; something I am very proud of.

Typically magicians are people who have built their career from being a geek in their room learning tricks - this is the main reason people can find them awkward and often don't like magicians, and I can understand it!

With nearly 40 years of practicing magic and over 30 years of working in theatres (both on and off stage), I understand entertainment. I help people to enjoy the magic whilst having fun with them - my relaxed style means that I can work with different types of people and different time constraints. 

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Paul is an amazing magician, and Really set our wedding off with a bang! All the guests were throughly entertained and couldn’t stop taking about it for months after! A true professional! The end trick he did with us has left my husband puzzled ever since! Would recommend him to all that are looking for a true performer who has a passion for their trade x

Carly Clark, Bride

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Table, close-up and stage magic

As well as providing table and close-up magic, I am an experienced show magician and am able to add an extra sparkle to your wedding day. Having worked on stage with names such as Paul Daniels, Uri Geller and my good friend Matthew Stirling, I know how to keep an audience entertained and having a fantastic time.

More than just magic!

Because I get on so well with staff and guests alike, I am often more than just a wedding magician. Organising wedding guests is like herding cats - and when they are trying to have a good time they have been known to get their claws out. 

Because I am good with people - including keeping hecklers on side with a stage show - photographers, venue staff and couples very often use me to help with directing guests. This is why I have very popular full day packages. 

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Book me as your wedding magician

Based in the New Forest, I am extremely well known in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, including being an approved supplier of a number of venues including Balmer Lawn and Elsmere Court. However, I am known all over the UK and am pleased to travel to your wedding. 

Prices start from £600.00 - please contact me for a quote and availability.