Wow an audience with illusions and mind control with Paul's popular stage magic shows

Stage Shows

I have performed in front of large audiences, from my own headline acts at prestigious venues such as the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), to business events for large corporations such as O2. 


Jesse Lawrence, JLawrence Photography

Paul is an unusual mix of performer and an expert businessman. I have worked with him for a few years now, and not only does he have an uncanny ability to connect with people, but he is an honest and genuine person. Over the last couple of years, we have become friends, yet still, his magic is astonishing! I would definitely recommend Paul, as a magician, as a speaker and as a business consultant.


Beverley Lester-Card, Practical Personal Safety 

What a great show!!! Paul held a captive audience with his mind boggling performance. Certainly entertaining, thought provoking with a few giggles thrown in! All done for charity. Well done Paul! Looking forward to the next show.


Tim Savage, Business Coach

I've seen Paul perform twice now and each time he has simply blown me away with his skill and talent. His mind reading show is extraordinary - he demonstrates how charlatans get away with claiming to be talking to spirits and lost souls in a humorous and incredible manner. he involves the audience and has a wicked wit to go with his unbelievable talent. I recommend Paul in the strongest possible terms if you're looking for an entertainer who will blow your guests away and leave them astounded!