A lot of people know me, Paul Newton, as MentalTheft. Having done a lot of work in public speaking and corporate events, I realised that I had a mission - to help people stay safe from scammers, fraudsters and hackers.

Through magic, such as stealing PIN numbers on stage shows, I have become well known as the link between the cyber experts and people who need to know the risks.


MentalTheft is aimed at raising awareness around the threats to individuals and businesses from scammers, hackers and cybercrime. 

As a public speaker, I am known for engaging people with magic, and then hitting them with entertaining stories to educate and wow. 

Newton's Nuggets

The extremely popular weekly vlog and podcast. Along side my sidekick Jesse of JLawrence Photography, we interview a wide range of guests in a unique and entertaining style. Our guests are normally covering one or more of the following:

  • Entertainment

  • Business

  • Cyber security

MentalTheft Book

Available in most good online book stores, the MentalTheft book is written to raise awareness around ways that we can be scammed and attacked by cyber criminals. Written with help from my sidekick Jesse of JLawrence Photography, and a number of guests, we have created an engaging read that will help raise awareness. Perfect for technical and non-technical minded alike, we have had reviews stating that the book is accessible to any reader.

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