• Paul Newton

When everyone zigs, maybe you should zag?

I heard the title of this somewhere years ago. I’ve heard other versions since and I think even Walt Disney said similar? Here’s the crux, if everyone is telling you to go one way you’ve got to ask yourself why?

Your business, your well being is down to you.

Not them.

In the last week I have been involved in 3 broadcasts of one type or another. A radio show, a radio type interview that’s available online and a last minute Facebook interview.

I was told by some “experts” not to do radio (that one has lead to a new client and more potential TV work) I was told the online interview was aiming at the wrong type of people (its lead to requests for quotes on other work) I was warned against last minute stuff because I should have prep time (I’m good with that to be honest and nothing gained from it yet as I only did it an hour ago)

So I purposely went against what experts have told me to do because I have complete trust in the people that gave me the opportunities! When I get told that “magic doesn’t work on radio” and I prove without a doubt that it absolutely does - it helps me stand out! And when I gave away some information on how to protect your details another expert said I shouldn’t do it because I should charge for that. I’m good with helping people out thanks!

I’m rambling here. But I’ve made some massive business leaps from zagging. Have a look at what you really want for you. Then ask yourself if there’s a way to get there that stands out from the norm.

Oh and a bit of advice that has done me so well over the years.

Only take advice from someone who is in a position you want to be in. Otherwise you’re following the wrong person.

Paulie x