• Paul Newton

What difference can a magician make?

Recently I went on to LinkedIn to make a special offer - I offered my services free of charge to any exhibition stand in the Hampshire area. I did it because while I've entertained at loads of these over the years I need to get some photos of me on a stand!

Now this is just the start of this story - I got a lot of requests for other events but I really can't do them (especially as I'm already booked out!) one of the comments on my post absolutely floored me. It was a testimony from a previous client who had booked me for an exhibition.

He wasn't trying to book me free of charge - he wanted to tell everyone how valuable I was on his stand!

His comment was this "I can highly recommend Paul Newton for your exhibition stand. He increased the footfall to my stand by 10x and many new clients were gained as a result.

Paul took the time to understand what we were offering and actually pre-qualified many passers by."

So when I next get asked why do I need a magician on my stand I'm just going to say that you don't need one, but you really should want one! And then I'll point them to this comment on LinkedIn!