• Paul Newton

What can I do for you?

We're currently in a weird time – We will get through it but be ready for some interesting and tough challenges.

I'm currently at home A LOT! And I know that I'm lucky because I love being with my wife and daughter (good thing really!) but I miss so many people it's ridiculous! We've got a roof over our heads and we've got food to eat, I'm actually really impressed with out local supermarkets who are doing the best that they can in this weird situation!

Now what can I do for you? If you're reading this then you've probably met me, you've probably seen me on stage or worked with me on a project? Now think about this.......... You're stuck with that person for 3 weeks.

I worry for my wife's sanity!!

So. Seriously.

What can I do for you?

Right now many of my clients are worried about their security – they're worried about what scammers and hackers are going to do while their offices are empty. And they should be!

I'm getting building plans and plans for working at home protocols sent to me because my clients know that I think differently and I could find a way for a hacker to get in.

Do you know anyone that may need help with any of that?

If you do then please get in touch. And the fee for that at the moment? Pay what it's worth – if you need it free of charge then it's free of charge! If you want to pay for it then it will go to the toilet roll fund that I think we need to start making.

And now a warning – there's a new scam going round at the moment.

People are knocking on doors and saying that they have a testing kit for COVID-19 which they will administer for a fee.

They are not from the NHS, they are scammers trying to take advantage of the horrible situation we find ourselves in. And they're purposely targeting estates that have a lot of elderly people in them.

PLEASE warn your family and friends!

Love you all.

If you need me just send me a message through the website.

Speak soon,

Paulie x