• Paul Newton

What are you doing to get yourself known?

I’m at a business exhibition in Christchurch at a Hobourne Holiday Park - it’s bloomin' brilliant!!!

I mean seriously, the venue is better than I thought it would be, the staff here are lovely and the sausage buttie I’ve just been given is yummy!!!

That’s not the main point of today’s blog but hey it’s my blog so sod it!

My main point is this - I’ve just spent 2 hours wandering around this exhibition, talking with business owners, sales people and meeting some established contacts. In that time I’ve set up 4 meetings and talked with another 3 potential referrers.

The stuff I do isn’t normal, so sending an email trying to explain it is almost pointless. But meeting people and showing them what I do is so valuable.

What are you doing to get yourself known?

Have a great day and be lovely!