• Paul Newton

What A Week!!!

Ok, ok, so in the last 7ish days I've entertained at 2 weddings, a pub festival, helped a guy propose to his girlfriend (now his fiancé!!) dealt with the fall out of my mums birthday, done 2 presentations on MentalTheft and how it can affect personal and business security, been on BBC radio (check out this tweet!) been to see Madness at Clapham Common and now I'm sat at home with my leg up in the air because some little <this part is censored because Paul went a bit ranty> bit my leg while I was gardening!

Yes, gardening.

I dislike gardening. I do it because I have to. If I ever win the lottery I'm hiring a gardener. I do it because I like having a nice garden. I don't like gardening. If you know of any gardening company that wants a balding magician to give them some "exposure" on my social media - I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement.......

Anyway, that's not really my point! I've had a manic and very productive few days! Some amazing highs, and the amazing low (gardening) that actually that annoying little *edit* thing that bit my leg has given me a beautiful gift. Most of yesterday my young daughter kept an eye on me and looked after me. She wears honestly worried and kept me furnished with drinks and ice packs etc. 

I love her to bits.

So thank you you annoying little *bleep* because you got me extra cuddles!

Oh and thank you to Simon Clarke, Jesse Lawrence, David Newton and my amazing lady Katherine. Without you guys so much of this wouldn't have happened!

Love you all.