• Paul Newton

We're taking a day out!

Today's blog is a bit weird.

It's not magic, it's not business, it's not motivational, it's not really thought provoking.

I'm sat in a small cafe, with my gorgeous wife.

We're taking a day out!

From here we're heading over to a garden centre (when did I get so old?!?!) and we're looking for some nice sun loungers!

The reason is this:

1. I've been really busy and I kinda like this young lady so I want to spend some time with her.

2. I work in a very creative space and if I don't take time out then I have trouble being creative.

3. Why the hell not!

We also know that when I'm relaxing I'll have an idea! Something that could be a new trick, maybe a new way to prevent fraud! Maybe an idea that could help a client!

So what do you do to relax? And do you get to spend time with the people you love?

I love you guys, thanks for reading, and if you need me you know how to get hold of me.

Paulie. Xxxx