• Paul Newton

We're Late! Oops!

Hello everyone!

Paulie here.

Yesterday (Thursday) is normally blog day, and I quite like blog day! But today has been recovery day.

My family are feeling unwell - I'm feeling shattered to be honest! So blog day turned into rest day!!!

Want to know what i've been up to?

Mind reading

Stealing PIN numbers

Stealing usernames


Stealing passwords

Speaking gigs

Filming stuff



Evaluating buildings

Evaluating security 

Social engineering

And generally messing with peoples heads.........

The projects that I’m currently working on are amazing! And I can’t tell you about a lot of them..... but when they’re complete you can expect some ridiculous stories on here!

So, now you know why I'm exhausted and why I needed a rest day. They're just as important as work days.

How often do you take a rest day? Or are you one of these people who just keeps going?

Let me know over on Facebook!

Speak soon,

Love you all,

Paul x