• Paul Newton

Top Tips To Picking Wedding Suppliers

I was asked by someone on Facebook how to pick a decent wedding supplier and I thought it would make a great blog. So here goes...

When it comes to your wedding, I hope you only get married once in your lifetime. It can be very stressful.

If you only get married once you'll always trying to find the best deal and the best person or company for the job in hand. Fingers crossed you'll only do it once and you won't need to become an expert because it can be hard work! If you do have the budget, I'd thoroughly recommend a Wedding Co-Ordinator!

Step one when creating the perfect wedding is finding a venue. It really is the most important thing. Once you've picked that and secured the date, you can arrange everything else around it.

Step two is to sort out how the wedding will be registered and by whom! Do you need a registrar or a Vicar?

Step three comes all the "little bits". The seat covers, the flowers, the entertainment, the music, the centre pieces. The best thing you can do in this instance is ask your venue if they have a list of recommended suppliers. Ask how supplier get themselves on to that list. Are they tried and tested or are they just local companies?

LinkedIn is a GREAT place to check out your suppliers. You can go on Facebook if you want but it's very easy to get your friends to give you 5* ratings on there. If you're looking for an entertainer, check them out on YouTube. You'll actually be able to see them in action.

You only get one chance to do things right so PLEASE, make sure that you check and double check wherever you can. I've seen some right horror stories recently about bad suppliers. You do not was a cake that tastes like cardboard or a caterer not turning up!

If you start using and working with someone and your other suppliers / the venue haven't heard of them before, listen for the alarm bells. They could very well just be new but a well established supplier should and will be known on the circuits. Especially in their local area.

If someone seems too cheap - there is probably a reason for that. They're either new, not too good, or desperate for money so have lowered their rates. You'll be booking suppliers a long time in advance so you must make sure that they have the going distance to keep themselves in business for the next 1-3 years. You're better off paying that little bit extra, especially on the photography. The photographs are the only thing you'll have to keep forever as a reminder to the smiles had on the day, so PLEASE don't scrimp on the photography.

Obviously, if you're looking for an entertainer then you'll find the best magician at www.Paul-Newton.co.uk - That goes without saying *cough*.

I'm always around on Facebook if you want to get in touch or if you have any questions. Just ping me a message or drop me a comment on a post.

I'll catch you soon,

Paul x