• Paul Newton

Time to Inspire.

It’s 8.50 am on Thursday the 28th of November.

I’ve just done the school run and I’m going back to bed.

The phone will be switched off.

This is the bit that most people don’t see!

Here’s the reason.

Last night I did a lovely job at The Italian Villa for The Southern Sustainability Partnership. It was their awards night and they’re giving massive recognition to companies who are trying to make an impact on the environment in our world.

I heard stories about small changes that are making a massive difference.

I heard about a school that is not only teaching their kids about the environment they’re making the changes that they teach.

I heard about a company that wasn’t happy with being carbon neutral - they’ve gone carbon negative!!! They want to make such a difference that they deal with some of their client waste products too!!!

I chatted with a guy who designs huge industrial engines, with a focus on burning less and less fuel while keeping the same power that is needed.

I talked with a guy who went from being an open sea diver to trying to clean up every ocean in the world.

This is a small selection of the amazing people there - but I can promise you that every single one of them was truly inspirational.

Oh and I did some magic, while being the MC for their awards ceremony.

I got home at 1am-ish, but I couldn’t sleep until 5 because I was absolutely wired!

When you meet a group of people like that...

With that kind of passion...

What do you expect?

So I’m going back to bed.

I’m getting too old for this!

Love you all.

Keep inspiring

Paul x