• Paul Newton

The Push Scam

The Push Scam is a particularly horrible scam.

It relies on our fear of being defrauded and the liability is 100% down to you.

There is no comeback, and while your bank will try to help you if this happens the fact is that YOU must have made the transfer, or at very least you gave them access to your bank. There truly is no way of getting this one back from the scammers!

The Guardian have done a piece on it but the basics are as follows.

You get a phone call saying that there has been fraudulent activity on your account, they go through a few simple security checks with you (the kind of stuff that I could probably steal quite easily!)

They explain that your accounts are on hold for your security and they ask you to go online later and check for any unknown transfers. They explain that they will call you back tomorrow to discuss what to do next.

When you check later you see that a transfer has been made between your own accounts that you didn't do (this bit is important, as transferring between your own accounts is easier to do and doesn't flag up any security warnings).

The next phone call happens and as you've checked your accounts (main ones name has possibly been changed to "Frozen") and they explain that a new account has been set up for you to transfer your money into.

They give you the account number and sort code to complete the transfer asap.

Either you do it OR with the extra security details they've now gained from you they do it.

You've just lost all of your money...

The main teachings here are these - 

1 - Your bank will NEVER ask you to transfer money from your account.

2 - Never give ANY security info to someone that calls you! Ask who they are and call them back on a number YOU trust (not the one they've just given you!!)

3 - You can stop and take a breather AT ANY TIME! They will try to convince you that this is urgent, must be dealt with NOW etc etc. Your response can easily be this "I completely agree, and I'll call my bank now on a number I trust".

4 - Call the bank back from a different phone if you can. I'll explain why another time!

Stay safe.