• Paul Newton

The Cost of a Professional

Today’s blog is very random, and I hope it helps a few people out there. We’ve heard some annoying scratchy noises from our loft for a little while and we had no idea what to do. We (by that I mean Mrs Paulie) would go look every so often but find nothing. It got to the point where scratchy noises would happen when we were trying to go to sleep which can obviously be massively annoying! We live in The New Forest so to be honest we completely expect rodents or birds to try to live with us, maybe the odd mouse every so often too! By we have no idea what to do about it! So we called an expert. Thankfully I know one!

Her name is Kirsty - she owns the company called Ecological. You can find her Facebook or on her website. She’s awesome! Now here’s the thing - I met Kirsty through networking! I’ve seen her give presentations on pest control and all the good stuff that these small creatures can do for our environment that really does help the world. I’ve seen her help people and companies with many problems and to be honest if I didn’t know her I don’t know what we would have done! Maybe we would have googled “scratchy noises in our loft” or we could have just thrown the dog up there? But because of networking with other local businesses I had the phone number of someone who could help us and she is amazing! She’s helped us identify the problem, make a solution that doesn’t involve my dog or myself going all Rambo with a hunting knife. She’s not only worked out the solution she’s figured out the most costs effective way to do it because she knows her stuff! How long would this have taken me to figure out without her help? How much time and money could I have wasted on trying various ideas that I had never tried before? So if you think networking is all about selling stuff you’re wrong! It’s a great way to find suppliers that you can meet, know, like and trust! And to Kirsty - thank you!! You’ve been brilliant with your knowledge, your tracking skills and your people skills making myself and my good lady wife feel comfortable with a way forward! You are truly awesome. This post reminds me of a thought - if you think hiring a professional is expensive, then use an amateur and work out how much it really costs you!

Until next time,

Paulie x