• Paul Newton


So today I had to film 4 sets of Newton’s Nuggets. I normally film them and send them over to Dee ( AKA Miss Make It Happen) she then makes them pretty and makes sure they go out on time for you guys to see!

My wife is my cameraman. We work well as a team. We never argue. Never get annoyed with each other. Etc etc. Honest.

Today we filmed all 4 quickly and well.

Packed away.

My shirt was open and showing too much Paulie.

Set up again.

Filmed them all.

Packed away......

The way I was sat made it look like I really needed a poo.

Set up again.

Filmed all 4.

Liked the look. Shirt was behaving.

Packed away......

Some weird rustling sound on every single video. Frustrated is not the word I would use. Oh and we’ve now run out of milk so no chance of a cup of tea to calm the Paulie......

Set up again.

Look good. Shirt behaving. Check after each video for sound. All 4 videos worked and there’s a bit of silliness added in to the last 3 videos that people may not even notice.

Remember when you see the perfection of video online. Could be someone showing off their Ferrari while selling you a “how to” course. Or it could be their perfect background showing their perfect life. This stuff is all staged - and they won’t tell you about the ditched takes due to “you look like you need a poo”

Love you all.

Keep it real.