• Paul Newton

Such a lucky boy!!

I'm going to start writing a blog every week again - I know this will happen as Jesse has already agreed to kick my backside if I don't!

To make things easy for me they're always going to be about the person who we interview on Newtons Nuggets (Our weekly podcast/Youtube show that is doing far better than I ever thought it would!)

So this week it's about Croz Crossley! What an absolute star! He gave us a load of his time to help us AND you!! Seriously, I honestly believe that I'm now the luckiest boy in the world because I have people like Croz, Brad Burton, Chris Dawes, Nicky Booton (And so many otheres!!) spending time with me to record these nuggets that are so full of helpful information it's just ridiculous!

Within filming I realised how grateful I am to have MentalTheft AND Newtons Nuggets - they've both given me a goal, a target of something that has carried me through this horrible pandemic we're going through! I'm also ridiculously grateful that Jesse knows when to kick me and when to let me build tables! The fact that the crowdfunder worked and has helped us to launch the MentalTheft book too - none of this would have happened if we hadn't made it all part of our CMI (Clear Mental Image) in the first place.

So what's your goal? What's you CMI? Where are you going and why?

Think of it like setting your satnav up - if you don't set it up in the first place your going to head to a destination you never really wanted!

Good luck to you all, and remember we're here if you need us!


Youtube description below!

Croz Crossley is a mentor and a coach to a lot of people, including a number of our recent guests! I have done his training courses and they are extremely insightful! Well this week's Newton's Nuggets is it a bit different, not by design, but by how it panned out! We actually get a bit of free Croz training! Once you have watched this episode and you want to find out more, check out his website, where you can buy Croz's book! https://croz.uk.com

As we discussed, THE MENTAL THEFT BOOK IS HERE! That's right, we have the book in our hands and now available for pre-order! https://www.amazon.co.uk/MentalTheft-...

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