• Paul Newton

Simple things to up your security.

I’m sat in a hotel room (I hate being away from home) because it’s the sensible thing to do.

Now let me say this again, I hate being away from home. I love my wife! I love my daughter! I love my dog! I love my bed......... oh my word my bed......

But I’m in a hotel. It’s lovely enough but I don’t want to be here.

Why am I here?

Because I’m delivering a talk at 8am to a bunch of business owners about security. I’m not talking about firewalls or the technology behind their security, I’m talking about PEOPLE!

They can be your weakest link in your security chain - or they can be your strongest defence! It’s YOUR choice!!!

I’m on an absolute mission to stop as many people as possible from losing their money. Let’s be blatantly honest here. If I can help stop all of the most simple types of hacks out there how much money can I save the UK?

And let’s start with the simple things..... 

Don’t let people see your PIN.

Don’t write down your username and passwords.

COVER the pad whenever you use a card machine!!!!

If you don’t recognise someone DON’T LET THEM IN TO YOUR BUILDING!!!

These things seem silly and simple - but these are the easiest ways for scammers to get you.

And they will.

Get in touch if you need a hand.

Love you all.

Paul x