• Paul Newton

RFID Wallets, phone cases and more!

Have you got an RFID blocking wallet?

You know that most credit and debit cards can now do contactless transactions? That brings with it a very annoying type of fraud. Scammers can use technology to try to get your card details while they just walk past you.

They use an RFID reader to grab the card information and then they have to decrypt the information to get your card details! Thankfully this is still very hard for them to do – but it's still possible!

One of the things I have is an RFID blocking phone case, it literally stops the information on my card from leaving the area of my phone case!

There are LOADS of products you can use to do this, there are phone cases, wallets, purses, metal cases, pouches there are even single card sleeves you can buy! Go to your favourite online shop and type in RFID to see what you can get!

Another way I've been told about is to put more than 1 contactless card together in your wallet – I haven't found a decent way of testing this yet as I would need the exact kit that the scammers use (and for obvious reasons I can't really have that at home......)

I have my contactless cards in my phone case, which is an RFID blocker) in my wallet I keep 1 contactless card which is a cash card only – so you can only use it if you have already loaded cash onto it. I recently walked through a well known market in London and by the time I was leaving London some scammer had already tried to spend nearly £4000 on that card.

Like I said, this is still a very hard scam to do, but they're trying!