• Paul Newton

Ranty blog - Don't Scrimp on Your Entertainment!

Ok, we know that this is my blog and today I'm gonna have a bit of a rant!!


FFS! I mean seriously? I've had 3 people contact me IN THE LAST WEEK because they tried to do something cheap and it's come back to bite them!

One company booked a magician for their product launch - he was cheap - he was also RUBBISH! I've now been told that the organiser is constantly being asked why he booked that guy...

One bride has just contacted me because her cheap magician has just cancelled on them - the day before the wedding!!! And no I'm not available at one days notice and definitely not going to do it for his £50 for 3 hours rate either!

And another person booked a 5 piece band for £100 - amazingly they were awful....

Come on people wake up!!! It's quite normal for experts in professional jobs to earn over £50k per year, but for some reason you expect to get an amazing entertainer for £100? Come on!!!

One of my favourite quotes on this goes along these lines "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur" 

This is your wedding day, or your product launch, or your clients first impression of you! Don't waste what can be the most impressive moment ever by leaving it to someone with no track record.


Love you all!