• Paul Newton

Pickpockets - Physical and Digital.

I’m currently sat on a train heading into London - I don’t really enjoy train journeys, or the cost of them! But sometimes it makes more sense than driving the car and getting rather tired on the road!

Anyway, I digress!

I’m sat here thinking about pick pockets.

It was the subject of yesterday’s video on Facebook and whenever I do a video it weighs on my mind for a while.

So the train carriage is quite quiet, about 6 people in the whole thing and I have my headphones in so they all think I’m watching a film or playing a game. But here’s the scary bit - there are 4 WiFi connections I could jump onto right now.

Only 1 of them is the official train one - the others are all named things like “Mikes iPhone” 

You do know people can hack into your phones don’t you? 

The guy in the row in front of me just got his laptop out. He’s 1 row ahead and on my left.

Wait for it....... wait for it......

And I know his password.......

Ffs people! Stop making this so easy!!!

I’ve just written down his password so I’ll make some note to him warning him that it’s really easy to steal a password when you’re sat in the right position!

Ok, sorry, pickpockets!What are they after?

Anything that’s easy to grab and walk away from. Physical stuff like jewellery, wallets, phones, laptops, bags. It’ll normally get lifted by 1 person and passed to a 2nd person before you even notice it’s gone! They’ll go for the easy targets so close your bags, do up your zippers, don’t use outside pockets etc etc.

And now they’ll go for you tech too - not just the physical tech but they’ll be after your ID and possible passwords.

I can buy a piece of kit that will grab all of your credit card details if you don’t have RFID protection. I can use the free WiFi to connect to your phone or laptop and watch what you’re up to!

I can even send your tech some things through your Bluetooth.

Please people. Don’t make it easy!

Love you all.