• Paul Newton

Picking The Best Team

Last week I did a talk for a group of business owners, about 20 of them, over in Bridgwater, Somerset. Among these people were some amazing individuals who I’ve known for a while and some new faces I’ve never met before.

The two I want to concentrate on are Pippa Hodge and Brad Burton (I’ve put Pippa's name first because it will make her smile if she ever reads this!)

Now, Brad is one of the most sought after speakers in the UK, you don't get the UK's #1 Motivational Business Speaker title by being rubbish, do you? He's also the founder of 4Networking, a networking organisation i've mentioned in other blogs. He’s been helping me out with the way my business is changing at the moment. Pippa is Brad's right hand 'man' and an absolute gem of a person. She makes sure that everything happens when it should and for who it should.

Here’s the big thing though, Brad watched my talk, he got involved, and he’s helping me - again! The excitement I currently have about my speaking at events is huge! When someone like that watches your talk and says that he can see this going bigger than you ever thought possible, it just feels amazing!!!

MentalTheft is a worry.

MentalTheft is here.


With Brad (and Pippa's) help, I'm going to help the world create a safer place to be. Taking the power away from the thieves and giving it back to people and companies like you. In order to do that I need to have the best people around me. I'm lucky enough to say I do.

Love you all.

Watch this space.