• Paul Newton

It's NOT going to be lonely this Christmas.

It’s getting really close to Christmas now and I love this time of year.

I’m busy, I’m going around all over the country seeing lots of people having a great time, entertaining them doing loads of magic fun but it’s also very sad that it’s the time that I think about my mum now she’s not with us at this time, that I look at other people who are lonely and I don’t know how to reach out yesterday I put out a Newton's Nuggets about a Twitter theme called #JoinIn

This is a lovely way that people on Twitter can put in the hashtag #JoinIn and chat with each other so if you’re at home alone at home with people around you but feel very lonely then please join us.

It was started by Sarah Millican a few years ago and it seems to grow with size each and every year. It’s a great idea and you can chat without worrying about those people seeing you.

There are loads of ways for people to keep active and keep interaction with other human beings and if you ever find yourself in a lonely place then please look in your local area for groups of like-minded people. Maybe you wanna be a magician? You can join the magicians club. Maybe you wanna take up tennis - join the local tennis club. If you’re not a very active person you wanna do something quieter in groups of people that will go to the cinema with each other if you’re not on Facebook please join it you can find some amazing groups on there.

Just go online and do a search for something that you’re interested in and then type 'near me'. Google will help you find other people that have the same interests as you nearby.

I have a lot of people around me and a lot of friends and I swear most of them are because of the networking that I was doing for my business. It has been so rewarding, it’s unbelievable.

Please don’t be lonely this Christmas.

Love to you all speak to you soon and have a great time.

Paulie x