• Paul Newton

Is a Name Important for Your Business

So today I got some post - from a trusted contact.

I don’t give out my address much due to some dodgy stalkers in the past and for the fact that I don’t like people turning up unannounced. But that’s not the point.

The point is how he had addressed the post - it was to “Paul Newton - Mental Stud Muffin” it made me chuckle! And it made my wife ask me why I was getting a delivery from Amazon to The Mental Stud Muffin!!!!!

When I opened it and saw who it was from she found it quite funny too!

It also made me think of something else. What is your job title? Who picked it? Did you pick it or was it given to you?

A title doesn’t matter too much to me or my ego, but it does tell everyone what you do!

So maybe I should change mine to “Paul Newton - Chief Thief!”

Love you all,

Speak soon,