• Paul Newton

How did you get started?

A lot of people ask me how I got started in magic and it's really simple – it's all my parents fault!!! When I was a kid they bought me a Paul Daniels magic set, I don't know if you guys ever had one but mine had this awesome trick where you could make a ball appear and disappear just by lifting the lid on this egg stand type holder!

I loved that magic set!

That was where it all started.

I didn't do magic much until I became friends with a guy called Ian in senior school, I think we were about 14 years old when we went to a magicians club in Ealing (Zodiac) and we did a few simple tricks which meant we were allowed to become members! Once we were in there we learned more and more. Ian concentrated on cards a lot more than I did and I went over to mentalism quite soon which is the type of magic I still love the most!

Around the same time I got into youth theatres and had quite a few lead roles in musicals. I had an agent who put me into a few films, some TV stuff and quite a few bits of “extra” work. That's where you play the part of someone in the background. I didn't get massively far in the acting world but some of my friends have done some amazing things!

Another friend, Matthew Sterling, taught us both a few more tricks and sleights plus loads of reading taught me more than I could believe in magic.

Matthew has gone on to be a stunt man in loads of Hollywood films. He also did really well mixing magic and stunts in this years Britains Got Talent – I still think he was robbed! - He should have won it!

I worked as a theatre technician AND as a salesman while still doing magic on a part time basis. During my career in theatres I actually got to work with Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee too. Paul gave me some amazing tips which I will forever be grateful for.

Over 10 years ago now I left my last “proper” job. And with the support of my amazing family I have been doing magic ever since.

It hasn't always been plain sailing, but it has always been fun!

Love to you all.


PS - If you see me at a gig please do come and say hello!