• Paul Newton

Find Your Tribe.

Find the people that love what you do.

There are plenty of people who won't understand what you enjoy doing and why. If you're a business owner then getting support from people is essential. Please don't expect your mate down the pub who has been employed for the last 20 years to get it though!!

I have a few tribes – they each have their own very special place in my heart!

I'm part of a couple of groups that are hidden within Facebook – one of them is for magicians and we talk about business issues, how to do specific moves etc. They're a good bunch of people and they can get a bit weird (we're magicians! What did you expect?)

The other one is called the Now What Club, it's run by a lady called Pippa – she works with Brad Burton who has a load of experience with different types of businesses across the board. He runs different daily tasks to help your business. For me it's more about the people in there though! They are my tribe! They kick my backside when I need it, they give me a hug when I'm down.

I have my gang. These guys have nothing to do with business at all, a couple of them are fellow magicians too but more importantly they're my gang. 5 couples, all now married, most of us have kids, we're all in quite different businesses, most employed a few business owners but most importantly in this group our work life just doesn't matter. They keep me grounded and they're the only ones who have seen my dad dancing, they almost encourage it!

There's my family, my wife and Daughter, my dad and my brother, my Sister in law, my nieces (and nephews!) they each have their place and for every bit of support any of these guys have ever given me I thank them.

I have my Dee – She's the amazing lady who makes sure things go out onto Facebook when they should!

There's Jesse - He's the awesome creative behind loads of photos, videos and even the websites that I'm currently using.

My friends. From the occasional cup of tea, to the random message through Facebook.

And my followers, the people who seem to like my randomness, the people who have no reason to follow me but they do, their messages are amazing.

Find your tribe. They help keep you strong.