• Paul Newton

Coronavirus. Please be careful.

So with the weird world we are currently in I would like to first of all point you to yesterday’s episode of Newton’s Nuggets on Facebook.

Please be careful with what you share on the internet and social media. Right now we all need to know real facts and not just things that are nice pictures with made up words on them. Please fact check everything that you read BEFORE you share it.

Secondly please be careful - I’ve just heard about a company who got hacked on Monday of this week where the hacker used the corona virus as their way in. Yes we’re all worried, yes we want to do anything we can to stop it, but we still need to be vigilant!

I really can’t write much more today. I feel a tad deflated. But as a friend of mine has pointed out.

Today I have a roof, I have heating, I have food in my belly and a family that I love. So today is a good day!

Love you all