• Paul Newton

Believe and You Will Succeed.

What a week! Is it really only Thursday? Today I’m at The Somerset Business Show!

I’m about to go on stage - I’m “sharing the stage” with Brad Burton, Stefan Thomas, Matthew Ruddle, Jay Unwin and Lorraine Stamp. Last Friday I did a talk on stage for BNI Hampshire - 300ish business owners who really didn’t care about listening to a balding magician when I started talking.

I talked about the book launch and how I need something like 350 prelaunch buyers to cover the costs of the book itself. We discussed how this book could reach far more people than I could on my own and it could get the those companies that can’t afford a consultants fee to help with their security. I also discussed the launch of MentalTheft sponsorship offering! Yep, we’re opening a sponsorship offer! The reasoning behind this came to us after our talk for BNI. I had told the crowd all of the things that we’re up to at MentalTheft and they seemed to love it. Showing them how to cover their easy to change security issues and explaining how many millions of pounds could be saved if people did some very simple things. I went through how we like to get these messages out to as many people as possible especially those that are most vulnerable to scammers. At the end of the talk I had a lot of people wanting to talk to me. There were a lot of asking for ideas and ways to become more secure. And there were a couple of offers.

We had 3 companies who asked if I would consider sponsorship for the book and for MentalTheft........ this was quite an interesting idea as it could bring the book closer to actually being made! Their offer was along the lines of “if we put £XXX into the pot how many local community talks could you do and would you mention us in the book?” Now the answer is a resounding yes! We haven’t nailed everything yet but I’m loving this idea! If you want to have a look at the sponsorship page it’s HERE. And the BNI crowd who were not sure about me when I walked on? They became one of my favourite audiences! They were so up for the challenge of beating me! The applause and the queue of people wanting to talk to me says that I won them over. Thank you so much to everyone that is currently helping me. We’ve got this! Paulie x