• Paul Newton

A great idea could change the world.

Yesterday’s episode of Newton’s Nuggets was all about MentalTheft and how we’re trying to change someone’s world.

Just 1 person at a time.

Think about this for a minute.

If your personal information gets stolen what happens to you?

Would you be able to put petrol in your car? Not if all your cards are cancelled and you don’t carry cash!

Would you be able to get to work?

Could you buy your groceries for the week?

How long would it take for things to get back to “normal”?

The average amount of time to get back to a level playing field after a “normal” theft is 1 week. 1 whole week of having to borrow from people because your bank card is gone or cancelled.

So that’s why I’m doing these talks, to stop just 1 persons world from falling apart.

So here’s my tip - I use my curve card on a daily basis (it pretends to be my real credit cards so I don’t have to keep them on me!) but if you don’t have a curve card - order yours through this link and we both gain a fiver!! - like I said if you don’t have one then PLEASE keep 1 card locked away at home. Then if the worst does happen you know there is a card that you don’t have to cancel and you can keep everything going.

I’m going to call this the “put 1 away” tip. Put 1 card away somewhere that is nice and secure.

And if you think this silly tip just might change your world - please share it.

Keep it real.

Love you all