• Paul Newton

A BIG Goal

MentalTheft – The book!

For years now I've wanted to write a book. A real, helpful book. It needs to be fun. It needs to be full of information that will actually do some good! And it needs to sound like me.

So I've decided to self publish – this doesn't mean it's a one man effort! There is still a team of people behind me and hopefully this will create something beautiful!

The idea is this:

A book could help a lot of people that can't afford me (or another consultant) to teach them some of the easy ways that scammers can steal their information. This thing could save businesses and individuals thousands, if not millions of pounds! And that's not even including the loss of time sorting out the fallout from a cyber attack on your stuff.

I am not a tech genius! I shouldn't even be allowed to play with the network at my own house! But I am pretty darn good at stealing information from peoples heads. So that means I could be one of the biggest threats to so many people out there!

But thankfully I'm one of the nice guys! And I love working this stuff out!

So if you're interested – please fill out the form HERE.

Then you'll be one of the first to know when it's out!

Big hugs!