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Paul Newman Magic

Paul Newman. Paul Newman Magic. Isaac Newton. I am none of these people, I am Paul Newton. Mistakes have been made, so this page is to clarify who I am and who you may be looking for!

Paul Newton or Paul Newman Magician Hampshire
Paul Newton Magician Hampshire

Paul Newman, Actor

Holywood Icon, Movie Star

Paul Newman was an international movie star, much beloved as the king of cool and heartthrob. Famous for roles in titles such as "The Color of Money" and "The Hustler", he is not to be confused with the magician, keynote speaker and hat wearing entertainer Paul Newton.

Not Paul Newman

I am NOT Paul Newman. Many get confused, perhaps because my name is similar, and perhaps because I have had years in showbusiness. Yes that's right, but not Holywood. I have been in Neighbours, a film called "An Innocent Sleep", and a wide range of 

Paul Newton's Eyes not Paul Newman's

My Eyes Aren't Blue...

Paul Newman Magician Hampshire? No, Paul Newton Magician Hampshire

This is Paul Newton Magician, not Paul Newman Magician.

Paul Newman Magician

Paul Newman is a close up magician based in Hampshire. I have been told about people being disappointed for booking the wrong magician because they got our names mixed up - easily done when we are both based in Hampshire. But I am not Paul Newman, I am Paul Newton. 

Paul Newton

The UK's most engaging cyber security speaker, and No. 1 Wedding and Events Magician

So who is Paul Newton? Can the real Paul Newton please stand up? Well the easiest way to find out who Paul is, is to look at his 3 main businesses. 

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